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Power bi & simio training

About the training

After years of using both Simio and Power BI, we’ve decided to share our industry knowledge with an international audience. Our experienced staff have already trained over 500 people in Simio and Power BI. The simulation modelling sector is a close community, so we’re proud that we’ve had such an influence over it.

This training is a full, one-day course spread over a few days. We also understand that some will be in different time zones to us (South Africa is located in the GMT +2 time zone). However, if you send us an email, we will gladly make special provisions for you or your team.

Virtual training

Train from anywhere in the world

First of its kind

Only training course to offer Simio together with Power BI

Individual attention

Small groups offer the opportunity to ask questions and get individual attention

Experienced trainers

With over 7 years of training

What's included in the training?

  • How to write out data in Simio
  • Setting up scenarios in Simio
  • Importing data into Power BI from different sources
  • Setting up the Power BI data model through queries
  • Forming relationships between datasets 
  • Intro to DAX 
  • Building a custom dashboard, using: 
  • Stock and custom visuals
  • Conditional formatting of graphics
  • Grouping results for multiple replications 
  • Data slicing and filters
  • And more..

Training cost and duration

  • The complete one-day course is priced at $399 per person.
  • Training will be conducted over 2 x 4 hour sessions

How to book

  • For the 1st session, choose two preferred training dates in the calendar below
  • Complete the rest of the details
  • An email will go to you and SET regarding your training and our banking details
  • Once paid, your training session will be confirmed
  • If you have any questions, please email us and one of our staff will get back to you shortly.
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9th July 2020

Using Power BI with Simio to enhance your simulation and reporting