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SET is an authorized representative of the Simio® simulation software. Simio is the next generation in simulation technology.

Simio is Simple for Beginners, Powerful for Experts and offers 3-D animation for impact.

Simio breaks down the walls of traditional simulation software, giving you the power to rapidly build accurate 3-D animated models and objectively analyse alternatives to make informed decisions faster.


SET is a proud representative of the OptiSlot DC™ warehouse optimisation software, developed by Optricity.

In an environment where customers demand the right product, in the right place, at the right time, distribution centers must work hard to meet and exceed these expectations. An optimally slotted warehouse supports efficient putaway, picking, and pallet building; reduces product damage; and increases customer satisfaction.


SET is a proud reseller of the SimMine® undergound mine development software.

Make the most out of your assets. Use SimMine® for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development. Make sure your development project is completed on time within budget. SimMine® Development Package is an easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining.