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Simulation Engineering Technologies

Simulation Engineering Technologies

Simulation Engineering Technologies (Pty) Ltd (SET) is an independent consulting company and a leader specialising in creating accurate discrete-event computer simulation models of complex systems in mining, rail, logistics, manufacturing and service industries. Our team consist of a number of industrial engineers with a unique blend of experience in conducting simulation and business improvement studies to provide maximum value to clients.

Simulation Engineering Technologies

SET was established in 2004 and its senior staff have been in the simulation industry since 1995. We have over 50 years of collective experience in conducting simulation studies in mining, logistics, manufacturing and service industries and have offices in Cape Town and Centurion. Our team brings extensive local and international experience, having worked in Africa and various other continents.

Our professional services include the application of various industrial engineering techniques and principles like process simulation, production scheduling, warehouse slotting optimisation capacity planning, operations improvement, systems optimisation, work studies, training etc.

SET is also a supplier of various simulation, scheduling and optimisation software packages in Africa and the Middle East with strategic partnerships across the globe.

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